4 Potential Consequences for Not Replacing Your Windows

4 Potential Consequences for Not Replacing Your Windows

If you know that your home needs new windows but you put off replacing them, a number of serious issues could crop up. Read on to learn the potential consequences that could arise from not replacing your cracked, chipped, old, or broken windows. Then contact Charles Window for a free in-home consultation.

1. Your home could be damaged

If you have a window that’s just slightly broken or chipped, you should know that you’re leaving your home open to other damage. Take this example: You let moisture come in through a tiny chip in the glass. It then rots your wooden window, which stains your walls or damages your flooring. The worst-case scenario ends with you have a mold issue in your home that’s dangerous to your health and costly to get rid of. The good news is that simply replacing your windows can help prevent these issues from arising.

2. Your home won’t be as safe

Robbers are looking for any excuse to break into one home over another. If they see a cracked window, or a window that doesn’t close all the way, then they’ll consider it a compromised home and may be more likely to break in. Don’t put your family at risk. Not only will new windows make your home safer, but they’ll give you peace of mind as well.

3. Your property values can be reduced

If you’re considering selling your home then it’s essential to replace your windows before doing so. If you don’t, then you can count on potential buyers to notice your damaged windows and for them to have a negative impact on your home’s appraisal. If a buyer does make an offer anyway, they’re likely going to offer less than they would have if you’d have installed brand-new windows.

4. You’ll be wasting money on utilities

If you want a home that’s as energy efficient as possible then you want to replace your windows. If you don’t, then you could be losing as much as 30% of your conditioned air. Don’t throw money away month after month when a simple replacement is more affordable than you may think.

If you’re ready to learn more about your options to replace older, broken, or damaged windows, then contact Charles Window. We can come to you for a free, no-pressure, in-home consultation or you’re free to stop by our award-winning showroom.

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