5 Factors to Keep at the Forefront When Choosing New Doors

5 Factors to Keep at the Forefront When Choosing New Doors

There are many things to think about when you’re shopping for new doors. You want quality, you want a great price, and you want to buy them from a company you trust. At Charles Window we know how important it is for you to make the right investment. Read on to learn about five essential factors to consider when choosing new doors. Then contact us via phone or stop by our award-winning showroom to learn more about your options.

1. They must be secure

Just as you would when buying new windows, you want to ensure that security is a top priority when buying windows. Your door should be secure and have the latest locks that work to prevent forced entry. If your door has glass, then it should be thick, the frame of the door should be strong, and if any of these are weak then your home will be at risk.

2. They must be resistant to weather

It’s true that California generally has good weather but when the rains come, you want to know that your doors are sealed correctly. You don’t want the outdoor elements coming into your home to do damage and cause chaos.

3. They must be durable

You don’t want to buy new doors every few years, so make sure you’re investing in a door that’s durable and has the longevity you need. When you buy a high-quality door from Charles Window, you can expect that it will stand up to the tests of time.

4. They must fit into your maintenance abilities

Some doors require no maintenance, such as those with a fiberglass frame. Others require regular maintenance, such as wooden doors. There are of course many options in between. You’ll need to decide if you want to deal with maintenance.

5. They must be insulated

Patio doors serve numerous purposes, including acting as a barrier between your home and the outdoors. A cheap door won’t be properly insulated, and this can cause serious problems. Not only will it make it harder for you to keep your home at the optimal temperature, but it could significantly raise your utility bills. A door that’s properly insulated will help you keep your energy usage low.

To learn more about your options in energy efficient doors, reach out to Charles Window. We can help you select the perfect door for your individual needs.

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