A Simple Home Maintenance Checklist

A Simple Home Maintenance Checklist

Taking care of a home can be a challenge – especially when you don’t know what should be done. Read on to learn more about the basic maintenance checklist that can help you get started on keeping your home in top shape. Call Charles Window for help with windows, doors, or fiber cement siding.

Change your HVAC filters

The job of your furnace is to heat air and then circulate it through your home. HVAC filters are there to get rid of dust, allergens, and debris before it circulates. You want to change your filter every two to four months, depending on your HVAC system. You should also change it more often if you have pets or you smoke in the house.

Inspect your windows

It’s important to always keep an eye for condensation between your window panes, or for a milky appearance that affects the glass. If you have either issue then it’s likely you have a broken seal and it’s time to contact Charles Window for help. Remember that windows generally account for about one-quarter of your heat loss, so fixing older windows can actually reduce your utility bills by quite a bit.

Give your kitchen and bathroom a deep clean

It’s hard to keep a home clean and free from clutter. This is why we recommend that at least once a year, you do a deep clean. There are some rooms that need it more than others. If you’re only going to do two rooms, we recommend you do the kitchen and bathroom. If you don’t want to do it, consider hiring a local cleaning company to take care of it.

Inspect your appliances

Your appliances do a lot of work yet you may not do much for them at all. We recommend looking at them once a year to ensure they’re working. This includes:

  • Fridge. Make sure the condenser coils are free of dust. Check the gasket to make sure it’s clean and seals properly.
  • Dishwasher. Clean the filter, clean out the food trap, and run a mixture of one cup vinegar and ½ cup baking soda four times a year.
  • Oven. Keep it free of grease / grime. Clean your hood vent fan filter by soaking it in boiling soapy water twice a year.
  • Washer / dryer. Check the exhaust vent once a year to make sure it’s free of lint. Do a hot wash cycle with one cup vinegar and ½ cup baking soda every three months.

These simple steps can help ensure your appliances last for years to come.

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