Do You Want an Energy Efficient Home? Make Sure You Don’t Believe Any of These Myths

Do You Want an Energy Efficient Home? Make Sure You Don’t Believe Any of These Myths

There are many reasons that energy efficiency is so often discussed alongside any topic of home renovation. From reducing monthly utility bills to helping protect the environment, anyone who wants new windows or new doors should consider how energy efficient they are. However, we find that more and more people are falling prey to myths about energy efficiency. Read on to find out if you believe any of them and get the facts.

Myth: Adding energy efficient options boosts the long-term costs

No. The fact that it may require an investment today to add energy efficient options is balanced out by the fact that A) they can increase the value in your home and B) the lower utility costs can make up for it. Additionally, if higher quality energy efficient options are added then they will require less maintenance and will work for years to come.

Myth: Buying an energy efficient HVAC system is enough

Is it true that having an HVAC system that is energy efficient can make a big difference? Yes – but there is a lot more that can be done. An inefficient HVAC system can waste up to one-third of the heated and cooled air it makes but there are other changes that can have a huge impact too – such as replacing doors and windows.

Myth: A home can’t breathe if it has too much added insulation

We are often surprised by how many people believe that if too must insulation is added to a home, then it will be “shut up tight” and not able to breathe. There is no truth to this. The actual truth is that it is to your advantage to make your home as airtight as it can possibly be. Your home has venting in it, which is all it needs to breathe.

Myth: Today’s space heaters are energy efficient

Are they better than year’s past? Yes – but they are still not the best option. Too often, homeowners believe that if they are only going to be in a room or two then they can keep the heat off and use space heaters to heat where they are. The reality is that space heaters use a lot more energy than you may think. We suggest lowering the overall heating temperature and then grabbing a sweater to stay warmer.

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