Essential Facts Everyone Should Know About Their Windows

Essential Facts Everyone Should Know About Their Windows

As a homeowner, it’s not your job to be an expert on windows. That said, you may want to take the time to learn the basics before buying new windows. At Charles Window, we want our clients to know what they’re investing in. We are more than happy to go over all your options when we come by for our free in-home consultation. We’ve also presented some information below to get you started.

You can lose 25% of your energy through your windows

If you have older windows that are leaking air and aren’t energy efficient then you could end up paying 25% more for your energy than you would if you had tightly secured windows. A double-wan window is insulated and can keep excess air from getting out of your windows, but other things can be done to increase energy efficiency. This includes windows with a coating that’s resistant to the heat, that have high Energy Star ratings, and that are equipped with airtight frames.

The right windows can reduce noise

If you install insulated and / or double-paned windows, then noise can be significantly reduced. They typically offer one-quarter to one-inch of gas between the panes of your window. This helps absorb sound and keeps it from getting into your home. If you’ve noticed that your window gets fogged up, collects ice, or frosts, then it’s likely it needs to be replaced. Note that a high-quality window can last for decades but you still need to regularly check your windows for signs of broken hardware and / or damage.

Some windows are better for certain purposes than others

Every type of window has pros and cons. As an example, wood windows are excellent at insulating against cold and hot temperatures, but they’re likely to swell and contract with various types of windows and they require a lot of maintenance. Another example is the vinyl window, which is one of the most affordable options and doesn’t require any maintenance. However, they don’t last as long as some other types of windows do.

You need help from the professionals to find the best windows

The bottom line is that only the experts can offer the best advice on the specific options that will work for your home. When you reach out to Charles Window, we’ll go over all your options, consider your needs, and let you know what will work best for your unique home.

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