It Is Time to Replace Your Windows? 5 Signs That It May Be

It Is Time to Replace Your Windows? 5 Signs That It May Be

Have you noticed some issues lately that have made you wonder if you need new windows? The easiest way to find out is to call Charles Window for a free in-home consultation. Our associates are window experts – not salespeople. They can give you an honest assessment of your options. You can also read on to check out five signs that it may be time to replace your windows.

1. Your heating and cooling costs are on the rise

If you’ve noticed that your heating and cooling bills have been going up and up, then it may be caused by your windows. Older homes, especially those that have single pane windows, can lose as much as 25% of their air conditioner or heated air through windows and doors. When you have new windows installed, they’ll be much less likely to leak, will prevent thermal heat transfer, and could result in a savings of 10 – 25% on your utilities.

2. You can feel drafts on window days

If you’re sitting by the window on a beautiful day and can feel a breeze coming – even though the window is closed – then you have a significant air leak. You can actually see it with your own eyes by taking a candle, lighting it, and then placing it near the window. If the wick flickers or goes out, then you have an air leak.

3. It’s hard to raise or lower the windows

Do you have to put a lot of energy into either raising or lowering your windows? Do you have to force your window to open, or use something to prop it open? If you’re having issues with opening or closing then you certainly need to consider replacing your windows.

4. You notice fog between the panes of your window

If you have double pane windows and you’ve noticed that they fog up or have condensation between the panes, then your seal is failing. This lets moisture in, which can lead not just to higher energy bills but mold and mildew growth. This may be repairable but generally it’s easier and more affordable to replace the windows.

5. Your windows are cold to the touch

If it’s cold outside and your double pane windows feel cold when you touch them, then it’s likely your heating and cooling is going right out the window. Replacing your windows can give you significant relief from your utility bills.

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