Surprising Alternative Uses for Glass Cleaner

Surprising Alternative Uses for Glass Cleaner

You know to grab the glass cleaner when you find that your kitchen window is covered in fingerprints, but you may not know about the dozens of other uses glass cleaner is. In fact, we think it’s almost as useful as a multi-purpose rubber band or even a dryer sheet. To make sure you’re getting the most from your glass cleaner, check out these unique ways to use it.

Is your zipper stuck? Grab the glass cleaner

If you have a zipper that’s stuck, just give it a good squirt or two from your bottle of glass cleaner. It acts as a lubricant and can help the zipper to open and close easily. Note that this may only be a temporary fix and you may need to have your zipper repaired for long-term use.

Clean off your stainless steel and your electronics

If you have stainless steel or tile, and you’re tired of it streaking, pick up your glass cleaner and a cotton cloth. Simply spray the surface down and then use a cotton cloth to wipe the streaks away. Likewise, you can get rid of dust on your electronics by quickly wiping the outer shelf of your electronics with a cloth that you’ve slightly moistened with glass cleaner.

Get stubborn stains out of your carpet

When you spill something on your carpet, or notice a stain that’s been there for weeks or even months, grab some glass cleaner and spray the spot. Give it about 15 minutes to soak in and then wash it out. Note that you should try the glass cleaner on a small hidden part of your carpet first, as there is a chance it could damage certain colors.

Wipe down your whiteboard

If you have a whiteboard or dry erase board that doesn’t ever seem to get entirely clean, you can try spraying a little glass cleaner, grabbing a paper towel, and wiping it down. This can get rid of all the leftover marker as well and is a great option to make the whiteboard look as good as new.

Cleaning out your car windows

It’s likely no surprise that glass cleaner works great for cleaning your car windows, but you may be surprised to learn that it works for your dashboard and steering wheel too. In fact, many consider it their one-stop option for keeping the inside of their car clean without grease and other residues some cleaners leave behind.

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