Tempted to Ignore a Crack in Your Window? 3 Reasons Not To

Tempted to Ignore a Crack in Your Window? 3 Reasons Not To

If you’ve found a cracked window it may be tempting to ignore it for some time. You may think that you’ll get to it later, or that there’s another home improvement issue you want to take care of first. The truth is that a cracked window can be more serious than you think. Check out these three reasons to call Charles Window for window replacement sooner rather than later.

1. A cracked window can reduce energy efficiency

Most people realize that doors and windows are the top culprit when it comes to letting air leak into and out of your home. After all, they open and close – which both can let air in. However, you may not know that even a small crack in your window could be reducing the energy efficiency in your home. Not only does this mean higher energy bills, but it means that your home won’t be as comfortable.

2. A cracked window may be more of an eyesore than you realize

When you live day in and day out with a cracked window, eventually you won’t even notice it anymore. However, someone who drives up to your home is likely to see it. What do you think they’ll think? If they’re like most people, they will assume that a cracked window means you don’t take good care of your home. If that matters to you then we recommend contact Charles Window today.

3. A cracked window isn’t as safe

A window looks beautiful, ventilates your home, and lets you see the gorgeous outdoors. While these are all important don’t lose sight of another important job of your windows: Protecting you from the outdoors. They are the first line of defense in keeping pests and bugs out and even a small crack can let them in. A crack can let rain and other weather get in. Worst of all, a cracked window means a window that’s easier to break – and you can bet a potential burglar knows all about that.

If you’ve been ignoring a cracked window for too long, reach out to Charles Window today. We are here to help you find the right window for your home and to provide expert installation. In fact, we guarantee it for life. Call today or stop by our award-winning showroom to learn more.

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