The Right Windows Can Help Make Your Home More Soundproof

The Right Windows Can Help Make Your Home More Soundproof

If you are tired of hearing noise from outside your home, whether it’s kids playing, cars revving, or people simply being loud, then there may be good news for you: New windows can make a big difference. Check out a few ways that this is true and then let Charles Window help you with your new windows.

The thicker the glass is the more soundproof your home will be

If you invest in new windows that have thicker glass, then you may be amazed at how much more soundproof they are. Consider this: If you choose windows that have a 6mm thickness to replace your current windows with a 3mm thickness, then you are going to improve the acoustical glass rating of your windows by as much as six points. What does this mean in layperson’s terms? You will notice the difference!

If you have a bigger air gap then less noise will get through

Today’s windows almost always have air gaps. These act as insulation and can significantly reduce how much sound gets through your window panes. You will generally have air gap options of between 6.5 mm and 19.5 mm wide. The higher the number is, the more absorbent the window will be – and the less noise can get through.

PVM laminate adds noise-reduction properties

The type of laminate you choose has a big impact on how soundproof your home is. One of the newest options on the market is PVB laminate. It can make a huge difference in reducing air noise and is often the top choice for a home built near an airport or busy street. The way it works is simple: There are layers inside that provide a solid buffer. The windows further have big air gaps and thicker glass, which results in a window that can have an extreme effect on lowering sound.

We can help you find the perfect windows for your home

While soundproofing may be a big factor for you to consider when replacing your windows, it is not the only factor. You will also want to think of price, quality, style, and more. The good news is that you have a local window expert who can help. Reach out to Charles Window today and we can come to you for a free no-obligation consultation. You can also stop by our award-winning showroom to learn more about your options.

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