The Truth About Vinegar: Is It Really as Magical as Some Seem to Think?

The Truth About Vinegar: Is It Really as Magical as Some Seem to Think?

If you’ve ever read do-it-yourself blogs then you’ve likely seen vinegar referred to many times. It’s often touted as a “miracle” of sorts that is up to many different tasks. At Charles Window we find that though vinegar may not be exactly magical, it is a great natural way to clean windows without streaks.

Harsh chemicals are often not the best choice for your windows

The first ting to consider is that when you have dirty windows and you grab that cleaner with the harsh chemicals, it may not be the best option. Does it get your windows clean? It likely does. But if you have pets or children and the idea of them accidentally getting into it scares you, then you may want to consider a natural window cleaner like vinegar.

Vinegar is both nontoxic and antibacterial

One of the reasons that homeowners are so happy to use vinegar is that it’s non-toxic while also being antibacterial. Many people assume that harsh chemicals are necessary to kill germs, but vinegar is proof positive that this isn’t true. A household window cleaner in most people’s homes are harmful of even deadly if inhaled or ingested.

Help the environment by using vinegar as a non-toxic cleaner

Not only can a vinegar cleaner be a better option for glass doors and windows because it’s non-toxic for you and your family, but it’s nontoxic for the ground to. Help out the earth by not using chemicals that can seep into the groundwater, can cause indoor air pollution, and can be harmful to outdoor critters when you wash your exterior windows.

It’s easy to make your own vinegar and water solution

To make your own solution, all you have to do is mix equal parts of hot water and regular white vinegar. Then put it in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go! It’s a great cleaning agent because it gets rid of any tints or films that are left to cause streaks and smudges. We recommend cleaning your windows when the sun is not shining directly through them so that you can see the surface and any streaks more easily.

Spray the solution directly on the glass surface and then use a lint-free cloth to wipe it off as soon as you can. This is all it takes to have squeaky clean windows throughout your home.

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