What to Do with Your Old Windows Once Your New Ones Have Been Installed

What to Do with Your Old Windows Once Your New Ones Have Been Installed

Once you get your brand-new windows from Charles Window you likely won’t believe what a difference they make, both in how they look and in the reduction in your utility bills. You may also find yourself with a selection of old windows that you don’t know what to do with. The good news is that you have options other than recycling them or throwing them away. Today Charles Window is here to share some unique ideas for upcycling your old windows.

Turn an old window in a chalkboard

Does your family need a place to keep track of whose turn it is to do the laundry, or when the kids have a music recital? Consider turning an old window into a chalkboard. It’s actually easier than you may think! Start by taking the old window and coating the glass in chalkboard spray paint. You can find this paint at just about any hardware store. That’s it – you know have a window that can be used as a chalkboard. Of course, if you want to personalize it, you can add your own touches, border colors, etc.

Create your own mosaic artwork

You can also take your old window and cover it with glass remains, glass pebbles, or other similar glass objects. You can make a design that looks like something, such as a seascape, or you can simply use random colors in a random arrangement. You can hang it outside or inside, but we recommend hanging it somewhere that sunlight comes through to showcase the gorgeous colors.

Make a custom picture frame

Take those now-empty windows and fill them with pictures of your family, your friends, or whatever else is important to you. You can make this into whatever you’d like, by painting the outside of the frame, using a weathered window, or something in between. You can use several smaller pictures within one frame or get one large picture to cover the entire frame. Your imagination is the only limit!

Use your old windows to organize things

Take some twine, a pretty cord, or even chicken wire and string it from one end of your window frame to the other. You can then hang bows, pictures, reminders – the sky is the limit! You can add decorative fabric to the window frame if you want added color.

If you’d rather simply buy a product then you can find any number of commercial cleaners made for the specific purpose of getting rid of or preventing water spots.

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